The journey into the labyrinth is at once deeply personal and universal; it is a symbol of interior exploration on a profoundly human scale. What waits around the next corner? The labyrinth itself is both convoluted and orderly. Its enigma is balanced by its coherent design, and its path is well worn by artists through the ages. Each work of art is a labyrinth in the sense that the artist begins to work without knowing every twist and turn ahead, but continues to explore, experiment and discover . . .

Artist’s Statement
An investigation of the potential for visual communication through the intimate format of the book has been the labyrinthine journey of my creative work. Designing and building book objects and fine bindings has led me on a challenging path of experimentation with material, content and form in my pursuit of the book as art. I am interested in creating sculptural books, to be read for their tactile quality and visual symbolism in addition to their content. Though not all of the works include text, most of them are inspired by pre-existing texts. Integrating materials such as copper, brass with paper, leather, innovative and traditional binding techniques, I seek a personal expression that expands and redefines our understanding of art and books.

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