Pamela Moore first discovered the power of the visual book while taking classes with Judith Golden and Keith Smith in Arizona. She later moved to Barcelona, where her exploration continued as she studied the arts of fine binding and book conservation at the Conservatorio de las Artes del Libro. By then firmly dedicated to the sculptural potential of the book form, she returned temporarily to the US for an apprenticeship at the J. Sobota Studio in Texas. Since then she has been the recipient of an NEA grant, as well as an IAPN cultural exchange grant which took her exhibition “Imaginary Library” to Greece, France and Spain.

Moore has taught workshops in artist’s books and innovative bookbinding techniques for many years. She has experimented extensively with non-adhesive bindings and given classes in artist’s books, fine binding and in the field of conservation. She has lectured and taught in schools, private studios and institutions across Spain as well as in France, Greece and the Czech Republic.


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