Architectural potential
of the book form
If a book houses a text, what are the possibilities of this enclosure?
As much as architecture challenges our assumptions about human spaces, when we approach the book as architecture a rich array of possibilities emerges. In this class, we will explore the visual, structural and three-dimensional elements of the book form. Students will design and elaborate books, book-inspired objects and artists’ books with architecture as the guiding concept. Previous bookbinding experience is important for this workshop.






Literary Beginnings,
Sculptural Ends

To open a book is to enter another world; the artist encounters literary works as potential landscapes for interpretation and creation. From
our reading of original texts, we will explore the possibilities of creating a personal symbolism that can be understood visually. Our designs, whether of bindings, artist’s book or book objects, will be highly subjective. Students will experiment with new approaches to interpreting texts, both philosophical and structural. For this class, students will need to bring in a text they have read and feel deeply inspired by. Previous experience in the book arts is necessary for this class.

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